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free nicotine patches

    Free nicotine patches are available to help Orange County residents stop smoking tobacco.

    The Orange County Health Care Agency’s Tobacco Use Prevention Program offers a free one month supply of nicotine patches to adults 18 or older who complete a five week quitting tobacco class or two 45-minute seminars, while supplies last.

    Free services available throughout Orange County in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

    Call 1-866-NEW-LUNG or visit OCHealthInfo for more information.

    Some quitting suggestions:

  1. Put your cigarettes in places that are difficult to reach.
  2. Smoke with the opposite hand to make it awkward.
  3. Wait five minutes to reduce the urge.
  4. Switch to a brand you dislike to make smoking an unpleasant habit.
  5. Cut down the number of cigarettes you snoke each day until you taper off completely.
  6. Get rid of tobacco paraphernalia (lighters, ashtrays, etc.)

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