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affordable housing being built in Orange County

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    Lucy Dunn, President and CEO of the Orange County Business Council, spoke on KOCI’s “Money Matters” show with Troy Davis about the increasing demand on affordable housing in Orange County and whether there will be building of new housing.

    “Oh yes. We see it a great deal and in fact the three top land owners, the remaining big land owners in the county are all members of our board of directors.

    “Frankly, on the good news side, the Irvine Company has made it a point to get out there right now and start building.

    “I use a quote very often from their chief operating officer Dan Young, who said, ‘Those who have an ability in this economy to create jobs have a duty to do so.’

    “And so the Irvine Company is investing their own money to a significant way to build the product right now and have opened several projects where they’ve had significant waiting lists.”

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